Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Celebrating a Life

It's sad when you lose a family member and a hero. My dad passed away a week ago now and I miss his big character and great sense of humor. He was a wise man who put his family first because he did not have a father and mother to raise him. He and his two brothers Ed and Rob were raised by my old Dutch great grandfather, who had more stories for three life times. My grandfather hung around the family bar, in Walkers Point Milwaukee and left his three boys to fend for themselves. Family was everything to my dad.

He was a Great Dad:

He hammered home the importance of family and gaining the wisdom of God to make it through life. We were told over and over to love others like God loves us and leverage the skills God gave us. He loved his kids, grand kids and great grand kids. We were always safe and secure plus had shelter, food and love. His sense of humor permeated the rooms where he was at all times. My mom, Carol, and younger brother Mike were always laughing with him or at him.

Dad was a Great Employee:

Dad worked his tail off to keep us going and he put in lots of hours pursuing safe transport of passengers and freight. He would work many hours to keep us going and my mom held it all together with her upbeat attitude.

Dads Dreams:

He wanted to be a pilot and worked his way up to a multi-engine & instruments flight instructor from bringing home a surplus air trainer (BT13) like the one pictured below that his brothers timeshared together. For a while he had his own Beechcraft Musketeer, like the one pictured below, that he finally sold when he hit 74. After that he gave lessons and dragged gliders for a while.

Dad was a Sportsman:

He loved to shoot trap gun and fish for muskies. He was my fishing buddy from when I was age 5 to recently when his COPD caught up with him. He and my mom bought a cabin on a lake with seven acres and 500 ft of lake access. He pursued muskies with abandon and earned every one including a 30 pound trophy still hanging in the winterized cabin that my mom and dad kept going. Mom loved all the animals that came to the multiple feeders they kept fresh. My dad heated his house with wood until he hit the early 80s. We had to talk him into natural gas.

Bottom Line:

He was a good man who taught us all what it meant to strike the balance of family, fun and worshipping the God who made us and gave us plenty. So long Pops!! Say "hi" to Andy and the others that have gone on before us. Rest in peace now that you are free from a broken body.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Talent Emerging

You really can't blame a grandpa for being proud. I'd like you to meet my Granddaughter Karson who has sung the National Anthem for the Arizona Diamondbacks at several games now. Last night She dedicated a song to her late father (Andy Sinur) and Michael Jackson, her other hero. Just take a second and listen just to make a grandpa smile. She rocked this at a elementary school talent show that she closed to a warm response.

 BTW: She is a budding artist to boot.

More about her late dad, Andy Sinur

Monday, May 8, 2017

Cognitive World's First E-Feature on AI

Cognitive World, an Aragon Research and Fortune partner, has issued their first eFeature on Crossing the Cognitive Chasm (click here). Peter Fingar explains why we are headed to a cognitive destruction of the way organizations and individuals manage work and interactions in the blurred man / machine relationships. You will find a list of great articles by some of my heros on this subject to augment and support Peter's assertions.  See Lisa Woods Introductory Email Below:

Aragon Research is committed to Cognitive AI and you will find our research, webinars and free blogs that relates to the use of AI, the maturity and types of AI technology and the competencies or skills needed to be successful in the evolving AI future.  Click here for our site.

Gain knowledge exploring CogWorld eFeatures by Peter Fingar, Editor-in-Chief, with original and recently published articles by Vint Cerf and 21 other CogWorld Luminaries & Thought Leaders:
Chuck Brooks, Calum Chace, Dan Conway, Sanjit Singh Dang, Tom Davenport, Ahmed El Adl, Kiran Garimella, Melvin Greer, Paul Harmon, Setrag Khoshafian, Doug Lenat, N.D. Ludlow, Mike Olson, Paul Roma, Jim Sinur, Jim Spohrer, Jim Stikeleather, Vivek Wadhwa, Richard Welke and Irving Wladawsky-Berger.

We've just released our 1st eFeature: Crossing the Cognitive Chasm, Circa 2017, and you're among the first to explore it! 

In embarking on this fascinating and timely journey (in our lifetime!) let's harness the present and make valuable contributions in many ways.  

Thanks in advance for participating with us at Cognitive World.

Lisa Wood, (email me)

Co-Founder | CEO
Cognitive World

Cognitive World aims to be the go-to resource for enterprise decision-makers involved in artificial intelligence.

As a vendor-neutral AI knowledge hub, we exist to optimize the flow of content, engagement and commerce. 
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Monday, April 24, 2017

bpmNext2017: Giving Digital Lift

Process is a key part of Digital Transformations and is unfurling it's wings to provide lift for those vendors and clients that leverage it. There were industry experts, vendors and consultants speaking to the value of process itself or interacting with process. Big Digital Business Platform (DBP) vendors like Oracle, Itesoft/W4, Red Hat and SAP that were showing new ease of use capabilities to make their offerings more acceptable to business types. There were new and exciting offerings from a number of vendors in the Decision Management (DM), Robotic Program Automation (RPA), and Customer Journey Management (CJM) categories. There were some interesting surprises and vendors emerging here at bpmNext in Santa Barbara California. I will try and summarize two days of intense 30 minutes presentations. While the attendance was up a tick, the quality this year increased significantly.

The Thought Leaders Bottom Lines:

Nathaniel Palmer demonstrated with Google Trends the interest in BPM and Digital were neck and neck. This means that while BPM and process is no longer a CIO shiny object, but folks are still interested in the value of process.

Jim Sinur, from Aragon Research, built the case for Digital Business Platforms (DBP) by showing all the contributing technologies and how they contributed to digital success at a summary level. He previewed the Digital DNA material that will be published on Aragon Research's Website by the time you read this post. Click Here for more on the Digital Business Platform.

Neil Ward-Dutton, from MWD Advisors, said we need to change our thinking. We need to think about infinite digital resources and limited physical resources was we design digital solutions. Knowing where to employ technologies on the automation continuum is crucial. The higher volume, the more automation should be employed.

Clay Richardson, of the newly minted Digital Fastforward, talked of engagement models that brought the people together in a creative environment. Clay expounded on results from his digital planning sessions that employed the notion of Escape Rooms where you have to innovate your way out before the bad guys get you. Love this idea especially with zombies !!!

Derek Miers, recently joining MWD, gave us all a scolding on focussing on technology and not people engagement to build skills and competence necessary for digital transformation. Derek shared his framework for business transformation which he has been improving over the years.

Interesting Vendor Presentations (Sinur Order of Interest):

Digital Transformation by IYCON:

There was a demo of leveraging process definitions with process mining to create use matrices leveraged for project sequence and monitoring. While the tool has been used for more than processes, the idea of creating a plan based on the real processes today makes sense in understanding the current state. The tool can also be used to describe the "end state' plus all the intermediate steps.

Combining RPA, Decision Management and Process by Sapiens Decisions:

There was a demo simulation of these pieces interacting as a set of decisions and processes interact with existing systems. With the decisions driving the interactions with process snippets and legacy, there is a significant layering of complexity from the business users and flows. 

Visual Process Mining was Demonstrated in a Light Hearted Way by Minit:

This was the easiest to operate and coordinate process mining and visualization tool I had ever seen. 

Processes Operating at the Edge in a Coordinated fashion by Camunda:

As the notion of the shared process and intelligence at the edge takes off there will be a need for networked process engines. Camunda showed the effect of process at the edge by shear volume of tasks supported.  Instead of hundreds of concurrent process steps per second, the new edge version supported 40K plus per second. Unlimited digital resources coming your way soon.

A Cognitive Customer Experience was Illustrated by Princeton Blue:

An slide emulation walked us through a customer experience leveraging AI

The Three Contributions of RPA to Digital Were Demonstrated by Kofax:

We all saw robotic keying, robotic integration sequences and robotic program changes all on the fly.

Process and BlockChain Together was Shown by Bonitsoft:

3D Modeling and Simulation supported by Capital Labs:

The demo showed the ability to port in BPMN models, exchange execution models and build processes from scratch. The importance of simulation and animation to drive to business results has gotten easy. 

Parallel Tasks Support Leveraging Timers, Events and Precedence from BP Logix:

Along with Gantt based process execution, we were shown visual data layering 

Net; Net:

BpmNEXT gets better every year. Nathaniel Palmer, Bruce Silver and Heather Palmer deserve respect and thanks for putting this gem together. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

For Those Who Celebrate Easter or Passover

Peace be to all. If you don't celebrate Good Friday and Easter, please pass by this one. For those who do, Easter is the celebration of our freedom and peace. Happy Easter !!!!  I created a new painting last year based on my past visits to Israel to see Golgotha and the Garden Tomb. I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed painting it. I have also included other past years paintings celebrating the wonderful Gospel and our forgiveness. For my Jewish friends, I wish you a happy Passover and have completed a painting for you as well. 


                                                           Star of David 

                                                          Mercy Mountain 


                                                               Flying Cross

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Art for 1Q 2017

This quarter was mostly about experimentation, so I tried a bunch of new things. If you like any of it, let me know. I completed two paintings that leveraged some past lessons of combining water based paints and alcohol drips. I completed three new fractals as well 

Web Presence:

Purple Haze

Blue Lagoon

Sky Diamond

Kewl Cliffs


Elastic Rainbow

Previous Quarters Pieces:

4Q 2016 click here
3Q 2016 click here
2Q 2016 click here
1Q 2016 click here 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Blog Activity for 1Q 2017

The topics of interest in this quarter were around Cognitive Processes, the Digital Business Platform, Modeling in the Digital World, Cognitive, and IoT. The monthly totals are hovering over 10K hits even with a cut back of posts on my part because of work load balancing. I am heads down working on a Customer Journey Mapping rating. While my readership is world wide, the US dominates the hit count. You might find it interesting what the rest of the world is doing the chart below.

                                                               Top Posts

                                                                 Upcoming Topics

                                              Activity by Non-US Countries

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Explosion of Interest in Process / Workflow

It seems that the BPM gurus are lamenting that the traditional BPM market is not growing at an explosive rate and are debating what to rename it while process is exploding. The number of vendors that are buying or building lighter weight workflow or process management is too numerous to list. It has even gotten Apple into the game with the acquisition of an automation and scripting app called workflow. While it might not be a low code approach like many other vendors offer, it gets Apple into the game. All of the important digital business platforms have process in them. It varies from light process flow to "big BPM". but work management, which almost all DBPs have, requires flow and collaboration of some sort.  Salesforce, SAP and Oracle have flow capabilities. New entrants to the process world like Box and Hellosign are adding fuel to the process fire. 

Big BPM Drivers: 

Case Management is crucial for managing complex and evolving situations (called cases). They tend to be long running, complex, emerging and involving deep knowledge / skills. This is a growing area yet and usually requires fixed milestones. 

Goal Directed flows are pretty new, but for situational flows where the goals or milestones change it provides a good solution. In situations and times of rapid change, goal directed process win the day. Carried to an extreme, these flows involve smart bots, cogs and APIs that bid on work. 

End to End Journeys (Customer, Employee, Product, Partner)  is about managing a journey from beginning to end giving it visibility, nudges and orchestration. End to end process management is coming back strong especially around customer journeys. This is causing processes to define themselves in terms of complex goal sets that put equal or high priority to the unique customers goals and needs.

Little Process Drivers (also in big BPM with less overhead here):

First Mile Content Management journeys are a popular use to capture, sign and manage documents as they hit all of the required stops to cement an ongoing relationship managed by the governed and guided by those documents. 

Cross Skill / Departmental Flows are the life blood of organizations. While often quite simple, they help manage organizations and the resources that are included / guided by these processes. This is one of the fastest growing areas for process today. These usually are driven by low or no code and light weight process capabilities. 

Event Response is where events, expected or not, trigger off appropriate actions to deal with the situation of pattern of events. While there may be a pause for decisions before any action because the event pattern may be new, but canned process responses can be inventoried and pulled out when needed. 

Net; Net:

Work, content and data tend to flow when action is taken in response to attaining a set of goals or responding to events. Process is hot again in terms of use in new emerging solutions. The benefits for operational improvements are proven, so process persists.  I'm sure folks will be fighting about a new name, but I say enjoy the ride. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

InterConnect 2017: IBM's Digital Approach Will Change Businesses & Society

Over 20,000 folks got to hear the latest from IBM through main tent presentations, breakouts and the vendor exposition named "Concourse"

The main message was "It's not about just changing the way we deliver IT,  it's about the next era of business. It will allow all of us to things we have never been able to do." IBM has always been enterprise strong, but the new demands from cognitive AI baked in the cloud, IoT, Blockchain and always active Security is going to push IBM to new capabilities already emerging. It seems obvious that IBM and their clients are pushing things to a new level and IBM is trying to stay ahead of the demand that digital will put on cloud infrastructure. IBM is building a very capable Digital Business Platform (DBP) that is cloud centric. To hear more of the Ginni Rometty Keynote, please click the highlighted words. To read more about Digital Business Platforms (DBP) click here and search for DBP.

Much of the time in general sessions revolved around announcements and IBM efforts rather than customer stories. This says to me that IBM is changing itself to adapt better to digital based on projections and real needs from early projects.

IBM Announced Several Partnerships:

Red Hat for deeper collaboration on open source
Salesforce for AI & IoT collaboration
AT&T for infrastructure support for media
PlayFab for pushing real time high demand ecosystems
Galvanize for filling the training gaps
Dalian Wanda for Cloud in China
Many States for Schools to produce New Collar Job focused graduates

IBM Announced New Capabilities:

IBM Digital Business Assistant
IBM Cloud Object Flex
HIPAA Understanding in the Cloud
Financial Services Patterns and Developer Tools
Watson Discovery to accelerate "Speed to Insight"
Hyperledger Blockchain Fabric for Enterprise Business

Interesting Customer Stories from the Main Stage:

Everledger talked about how they are leveraging blockchain to assure diamond provenance using IBMs cloud.

H&R Block talked about leveraging Watson to absorb tax regulations, content and experiences to create tax wisdom. This wisdom was used to get larger refunds for many US tax payers and giving H&R block a set of happier customers. I love the idea of using Watson to deal with government red tape :)

Interesting Breakout Sessions:

IBM is using Watson to assist the help desk folks and customers deal with questions, error messages and support. Watson is helping to serve 40,000 request a week through several channels.

SparkCognition talked about applying leveraging AI and analytics for security and the new industrial world.

A private bank, Brown Brothers Harriman, talked about using chatbots in an omnichannel environment for customer service

Bottom Line:

IBM gets digital and is leading their prospects and customers to the digital world in an incremental fashion for some and new business models for others.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Google Next 2017: On to Innovative Infrastructure

There were literally lines wrapped for blocks around the Moscone Center West, here in San Francisco as 10,000 folks tried to get registered and seated for the first days general session. The major theme was that while Google was still making their cloud the best, it needed to be expanded to support not only individuals, but organizations and ecosystems with a growing ability to conjure creativity and innovation in new ways. It is clear to me that Mobile and Cloud are now table stakes for organizations and migrating to the Cloud is no easy task yet, but it's getting better. It is also clear that the speed to leverage the results of being on the cloud is at least an order of magnitude faster.

Google did a great job of putting some big name companies on stage to show enterprise levels of prowess and results. While most were business operational or spreading personal productivity, there were glimmers of innovation in a few of the case studies. I would suggest reviewing the following YouTube Video starting at the hour thirty mark (1:30 mark) where it gets increasingly interesting. I was especially captivated by the Ebay example at the (2:26 mark) Day General Session. EBay is combining its history of purchases around the world for the last 20 years to provide not only a concierge shopping bot, but a pricing bot leveraging gobs of data in the cloud, natural language chat bots processing, machine and deep learning to create some real innovation with Google's new and traditional cloud services.

My Key Highlights So Far: 

Aggressive Partnering with Solutions Providers to Push the Creative Cloud
Completing a Partnership with SAP for Functional Transaction Access
Proof Points on Speeding up the Cloud Migration Process with Logical Phased Steps
Leverage of Machine Learning in a Democratized Fashion
The Proof Points of a Resilient Cloud (Security, Elastic, Dynamic and Cost Effective)
Great Improvements in Google Hangouts Supercharged by the Jamboard
The Application of AI to Image and Video Recognition on a Portfolio Basis
The Tilt Brush 3D Art Booth (being an artist myself, I was drooling)
The Integrated Use of Geolocation and Big Data to Visualize Opportunity
The Emphasis on EcoSystem Creativity and Reach

                                                          Immense Cloud Network

                                                         Visualization of Big Sensor Data

                                                        Power of Geolocation Context

                                                      Leveraging Video with Hangouts

                                                Video Indexing of Semiotic Themes

                                                    Collaborating with a Shared Jamboard

                                                       Tilt-Brushing it Baby

My Low Lights So Far:  

Not Enough Capacity for Breakout Sessions
Not Enough Repeat Sessions for Hot Themes
Too Product Driven; Not Real Market, Sales and Customer Driven
Too Many Products Vying for Attention
Need to Emphasize Google's Growing  Digital Business Platform Capability; Not Just Cloud
More Emphasis on Other Parts of AI; not Just the Beating Drum of Data Driven Machine Learning

Bottom Line:

Drinking from a firehose where the water is sweet for the most part. I wish there was two of me to get a grip on this large and overwhelming conference.